Jujube cultivars vary in size and conformation, with some being very narrow in habit and others being more widespread. Privacy Policy and I was told the other variety to get is "Lang" jujube which is rather pricey. They look somewhat like cherries but taste more like apples. Sherwood was also my favorite (sweeter and less thorny) until the Sugar Cane came along which really tickles my sweet loving taste buds. Plant trees as close as 8- 10 feet apart, but allow for more space if you intend the tree to grow wider. Tree is small 15' max and round. The Sherwood ripening is about a month later than the other Jujubes putting it into mid to late October in our climate. This is unrelated to the fact that you have no fruit at all, but it does raise the question whether it will fully ripen each year when you do. document.write(''); The Li is still the most popular due to size of fruit and heavy production so you might like that one as a "sure bet" for it's own production. What is a Jujube Tree? Rows 4 and 5 have Jujube seed trees and rows 5, 6 and 7 have some Lang and a lot of Li Jujube trees. The Li Jujube tree produces among the largest fruit of any variety of Jujubes. We carry various jujube trees including li, lang, sherwood and more at WillisOrchards.com. } The naturally drooping tree is graceful, ornamental and often thorny with branches growing in a zig-zag pattern. ‘Li’ was first introduced in California by Frank Meyer. Produces an abundance of small to medium sized fruits with a sweet apple flavor. Round shaped fruits are larger than Lang. Products - Small Fruits (Grapes, Berries, Veggies), Planting Multiple Trees In Space of One Tree, Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood), Tree & Plant Care for Homeowners & Farmers. Oneeyeluke, thanks so much. }, © 1972 - 2021 National Gardening Association, Times are presented in US Central Standard Time, Today's site banner is by plantmanager and is called "Agaves in the Snow". Lang Jujube is another popular cultivar that produces large fruit with a distinctive pear shape. Jujube-Lang and Li, Li is self-fertile, Lang can use Li as a pollinator. Of this group, the Sherwood produces the least fruit - a little stingy compared to the others in my opinion. I have three Jujube varieties, two were planted 4-5 years ago (Li and GA866) and planted this year a Sugar Cane. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: NOT A EXPERT! I had planted GA866 before I had read of issues with fruit production. This observation coincides with a very good article by the California Rare Fruit Growers here: CRFG - Jujubes. Bonus: most varieties are self-pollinating. And these GA866 fruit well with nothing else around them except for like variety trees. There are many named varietals or cultivars of jujube. So I do not have any trees isolated at this time to use as a check. The Li Jujube tree has arching branches that produce an abundant crop of sweet, apple-flavored fruits in late September. Will be placing order for that Honey jujube on eBay. The reason for my asking is that, I've seen large single jujube on its own, no other jujube close-by. document.write(''); In our experience, the fruit is very slightly larger again than Li although this can vary depending on other varieties planted in your orchard. Only the members of the Members group may reply to this thread. Self-fruitful. I have a small "Li" jujube. The naturally drooping tree is graceful, ornamental and often thorny with branches growing in a zigzag pattern. Jujube (Ziziphus jujube), also known as the Chinese date, is native to China. With proper jujube tree care, you can enjoy these exotic fruits right from the garden. This tree is drought tolerant and can handle a variety of soil textures. Many of our fruit trees are in danger of damage to buds due to late frost, but jujube blooms in late April & May, missing most chances of a late frost. I thought perhaps it was too far from my Li jujube for pollination, so moved the pot right next to the blooming Li in the ground. The wood is very hard and strong. I read somewhere that another variety planted close by might help. You asked what to plant as a pollinizer. Li 2 Fruit. Jujube seedlings, inferior to the Chinesecultivars, were introdu… It withstands wide ranging temperatures; from over 100° F in summertime to -28° F during winter dormancy. Question: 3years ago I bought a Sherwood jujube from Doan's Nursery in Irving, TX. It is still considered one of the best varieties, ripening in late summer. The seedling Jujube Tree is a good pollinating Jujubes. With this year's cooler spring, everything is even a little later. Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) The Jujube (also called Chinese jujube or Chinese date) is an attractive tree with edible fruits that can be grown throughout Florida. At the time when I bought this plant I remember the pot it was in had been labeled 'Li' which I thought was a self pollinating variety.. it wasn't until I've done much more research on fruit trees that I gave the label a good look to find it was actually sugar cane. Estimated Chilling Requirement 150 hours below 45°F ; USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 - 10 ; Pollination. I always recommend pollinizers be planted for commercial orchards since fruit set is usually heavier. Here is what I know from personal observation. All the Jujubes in our orchard overlap in bloom so any should suffice. Persimmon- one is very sour unless mushy ripe[ pointy] -one you eat like an apple[round] Pineapple guava. You are here: Home → Jujube Trees . Is this true and if so what variety would you recommend? I have a pretty small yard and I'm not sure I'll have the space to keep 2 of these trees which is unfortunate. This is not normally needed for most (not all) fruit trees we sell for the home gardener. Flowers escape late frosts and smell like grape soda. The one-inch-long fruits start out green and turn red or mahogany once they mature. Related Specie: Indian Jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana). All of our other propagated edible plants do not require a pollinator. The Li will cross pollinate with "Honey"! I asked about method of pollination and he said he never sees bees but does see a lot of ants and other insects on the flowers. Jujube Trees (Chinese Date – Hong Zao) Zizyphus jujuba Li is a very popular variety of Jujube tree and it will produce fruit without cross pollination. Jujube Trees. I know your warm season starts later than ours and ends earlier so I suspect you are on the edge of seeing consistently successful Sherwood crops. Jujube is easy to grow and has no pests. Answer: This is an interesting and troubling question. While it has grown well and flowered profusely in the last two years it has not made any fruit. Growth Habit: The jujube is a small, deciduous tree, growing to 40 feet tall in Florida, but smaller in size in California. Dragon fruit Pomegranate Loquat. And other variety pollination is desired, but required? Li Jujube. Call Toll-Free: 1-866-586-6283. Of the Sherwood, he reminded me that it came from a single tree in Louisiana so it must have been at least semi-self fertile. Cultivars Li, Li-2, Redland, Qiyuexian, Xiangzao, Teapot, and Daguazao were self-pollinating/self-fruitful in New Mexico. Self-fruitful, but yield will increase in the company of another Jujube variety. About 10 acres away in row 34 we have the GA866.